Traning class with people 240x159 - image source Flickr User - MyFWCmediaThe team requires a common high level understanding of the project scope, approach, processes, and success criteria.  The time invested up front clarifying roles, responsibilities, accountabilities, and reporting requirements saves time over the life of the project.  Team members need to feel safe raising issues and taking action on resolving issues.

As the understanding deepens and with the support of the implementation approach, the team can focus on the deliverables for the current interim release.  The team model is based on team members working on activities in an order that requires flexibility and a focus on results rather than process.  Team members have individual assignments along with a responsibility to help the project be successful.

Core team members need a basic understanding of the capabilities of the solution, the scope, and a consistent way of communicating this within the organization.  As the project progresses, training on the effective use of the tool is required and needs to be tailored to the level of sophistication of the audience.  Developing and delivering effective training of the right material, at the right time, and in the right way, is one of our specialties.