Implementation Approach

boardroom table with chairs, blinds on the windows, no peopleIt is tailored to each project and team.  One of our goals is to help improve the productivity of your staff though the use of development, testing, and implementation best practices. We can use your preferred software development life cycle of agile, iterative and incremental development, the waterfall model, or a combination.

Our implementation approach allows us to deliver the solution in phases and add capabilities with each release.  Stakeholders are engaged from the start, success criteria identified, and sign-offs are obtained throughout the process.

The efforts of the team members determine the success of the project.  We spend time and effort up front to ensure each member understands their role, communication requirements, priority of tasks, criteria for completion of assigned tasks, and accountability for results.

Clarity around expected benefits and agreement of the project’s success criteria are vital.  We need a target so everyone knows where we are going and where to focus.  This target drives our activities, efforts, and escalations to keep us on track. Using a formal project management approach, we create an environment with structures to support team members as they honour their commitments, communicate issues early, and provide timely status updates.